History of TOPCO Painting

By Craig Olson, Owner
TOPCO began in the dead of winter, four months after 9/11 in January of 2002.  I first started painting with my father in the 1980's during my summer months when I was in high school.  I continued to paint through my summers as a college student, then as an elementary school teacher.

I began painting full time in 2000 and worked for some quality painting companies.  My last employer told me that I had risen as far as I could as an employee and that I should consider starting my own company.  I took his advice and the rest, as they say, is history.
From 2002 until the end of 2005 I concentrated on doing good work, hiring quality employees, and partnering with builders and construction companies who were participating in the building boom of the mid 2000's.  Painting projects with private home owners were my main source of work and the work generated by word of mouth had my company growing steadily until I had 7 employees in 2005. 

At this point, I had outgrown my ability to comfortably manage all of my work and took on a partner who had exceptional management and business skills. In October of 2005 we formed TOPCO Phillipps and had the privilege of doing lots of the new construction that was going on in the Puget Sound area as well as several condominium projects in Tacoma. 

The company was re-structured in July of 2011 and both companies continue to operate seperately. For a snapshot of some of the projects and history of that era you can visit my old website at www.tpipainters.com
Home owner repaints, both interior and exterior were the foundation of my company, and continue to be today in 2012.  The majority of my work comes from work of mouth referrals and my company adhered to the idea that 'every job we do gets us two'.

One of my favorite aspects of being a business owner is the satisfaction and responsibility of recruiting and developing employees who reflect my high standards.  I firmly believe that I am as good as the people I hire and the folks who wear my gear and drive my vans are second to none in the painting industry.

I am looking forward to my second decade of business and feel that through the thick and thin of the last decade I have learned several things that make my company stand out from the crowd of painting contractors that are out there.  Feel free to explore the services we offer, more on the mission statement, frequently asked questions, and an interview with the owner to find out more about my company and what we can do for you.

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